So Fine – The Smith Brothers

Title: So Fine
Artist: The Smith Brothers
Interpretations: Micah K. Smith, Marxian K. Smith
Writers: Micah K. Smith, Marxian K. Smith
Composers: Marxian K. Smith, Micah K. Smith
Mixing and Arranging: Marxian K. Smith
Mixing and Mastering: Bobos studios
Producers: SF productions, Mic’n’MaxTunes
Date of Release: 30.04.19

Copyright© 2019. The Smith Brothers. All Rights Reserved.

THE SMITH BROTHERS are a group of brothers from the island of Dominica.
Micah Smith – lead singer
Mighan Smith – bass guitarist
Michaj Smith – drummer/assistant band leader
Marxian Smith – guitarist/lead singer/keyboardist/musical director/band leader

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